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How to use less water – Water-saving gadgets

Toilet cistern devices

How they work

Water saving cistern devices are liquid or granule filled bags that are placed in the toilet cistern to reduce the volume of water available for each flush.


The Hippo Water Saver is a tough water-filled polythene bag. The Save-a-Flush is a perforated polythene bag containing water-absorbent granules that swell in size over time.

Both are easy to install and require no plumbing skills – the Hippo saves around 2.5 litres per flush, whereas the Save-a-flush only saves about 0.5 litres (less than the one litre claimed).


Both products save water, although the Hippo saves more. But any submerged object would do – a few handfuls of marbles will achieve the same effect.

Flush-modifying devices

The Interflush water saving toilet gadget.   Interflush

How they work

These gadgets modify the flush mechanism so it can be stopped when you wish, rather than always producing a ‘full’ flush.


Both require a little ‘plumbing’ but nothing too serious. The Interflush only fits cisterns with front-facing handles, and once installed means the flushing action stops when the handle is released. The Mecon can only be fitted to a cistern with a spare hole – a button is mounted here that interrupts the flush when pushed.


Both devices can save water, but need to be used properly; savings are therefore variable. The Interflush is the better device here as just releasing the handle will cut the flow, whereas the Mecon requires an additional button push to achieve the same thing.

Water Saving Shower Heads

The Flowpoint HH336 water saving shower head  Flowpoint HH336 shower head

How they work

These eco-conscious bath-time gadgets restrict the flow of water through a shower head to save on the amount of water used.


Fitting all three devices couldn’t be simpler, just screw off the old shower head and screw on the new one. All three reduced the water flow significantly, but force and spray spread were also reduced.


We can’t really see the point of these products. A similar effect could be had by spending less time in the shower and, indeed, you may just find it takes longer to shower properly with these replacement heads, which would negate any water saving in the process.

Article by:- Which? Consumer Magazine
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