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How U-GET can save your business £££’s

Following on from my last post: “I love spending money on my Energy Bills!” I wanted to back it up with case studies.

It is surprising, even today, when we are bombarded with adverts about comparing this, that and the other (including Meerkats), that some businesses still don’t search out the best deals, quotes, rates etc for whatever service they are seeking at that particular time.

Nowadays, there appears to be very little reward for loyalty. The only rewards out there, seem to be for new customers! That being the case, then it really does ‘pay’ to shop around. As I referred to in the previous blog, there are reasons as to why people don’t do this. For me, my job is to help people attain these savings, through a direct, independent and impartial service from the various energy companies.

At U-GET we work for you, building a trusting relationship and allowing you to concentrate on your key business requirements, whilst we aim to cut your costs.

One property management company saved over £3000, through the utilisation of our service. How was this achieved? Well, they weren’t in a contract and by not being in one, were subject to ‘deemed rates’, which are normally far more than fixed contract rates. By moving them onto a contract, we attained these savings for them. This level of savings, wasn’t even for a particularly high level of consumption, either!

Another example has seen a saving in the 10′s of thousands of £’s. Again, simply due to the client being on an ‘out-of-contract’ tariff.

What many people do not realise, is that when you receive your renewal letter (often 3-4 months before the end date/renewal date), you only have a certain amount of time (as indicated on that letter from your supplier) by which you need to let your supplier know whether you will remain with them or move away.

‘Forget to notify them by this date and they will lock you into the tariff for the time & rate that they specify

At U-GET, we take care of this, preventing you from falling into this ‘trap’.

You need to act promptly to your renewal letter, or if you wish, contact us at U-GET and we can find out your renewal & termination dates, note them and respond to them accordingly.

You’ll not have to worry about getting caught in that trap and yet, have the peace of mind, knowing that U-GET will be working for you, to achieve the lowest rates possible for your business.

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