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Property Management Companies – Client Energy Savings at No Cost

Property Management companies have many tasks to face, on behalf of their clients. As owners or tenants of property, we are all too aware of the costs that we pay, as listed in the service charge. But to what lengths do the property management companies go, to keep these costs down?

I have spoken to property management companies, regarding residential management. Generally, these companies will attempt to obtain the best possible service, at the best possible price. This is often through tendering, from a handful of suppliers. Does this, however, extend to your property’s energy costs? For residential flats, are the communal areas & external electricity costs – such as street lighting and sub-stations, carefully investigated?

I recently saved one property development, over £3,000. How? Because they were not on the best rates, nor had they taken the time to review the energy prices! This saving only comprises half of the property development, as the remainder is locked into a longer term energy contract – again, another mess due to too many tasks faced and not enough time to spend resolving this problem.

How would you feel as a residential owner, if you were paying more for your service charge than need be, simply because there were too many issues to handle?

U-GET Consultancy Services has the experience to review your property’s energy costs. Utilising our expertise in this service allows you to spend more time on other tasks.

If you manage property, contact Ian Tiffenberg today. Through our energy brokering service, we can find out your current contract situation, then obtain the best market rates.

Fill in our Client Info Form and use it when we speak to you.

U-GET Business Services

Property managers, enhance your customer relationship, by working with U-GET who will work to lower those high energy costs.

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