U-GET Consultancy Services was established on the back of attaining substantial ‘electricity bill’ savings for a client.

£20,000 was by no means small change!

We realised businesses were not taking the time and effort to review and manage their energy bills. By not doing so many of today’s businesses are losing out on easily attainable savings.

U-GET Consultancy Services will review your business energy bill, for FREE. In doing so, we are able to tell whether we can get you these large savings or if you are already on the best fixed term rate, we can get the best available rate upon your renewal.

Why are so many businesses failing to satisfactorily manage their energy bills? Time, effort and confusion. These are the common causes that are causing apathy.

Time:- too many simply don’t afford themselves this. They have their own busy work schedule to focus on rather than spend a little time searching for those savings.

Effort:- of those people that do review their bills, they find it to be an effort calling the various suppliers in search of the best price. This can often result in call-backs to a supplier, for price verification or to negotiate with them for a lower rate.

Confusion:- the bills are not standardised amongst the suppliers, they all differ, making it confusing to understand. There can be various types of rates, again very puzzling. Other issues also contribute to this, such as meter changes, high capacity demands and invoice issues.

All these factors lead to the common practice by many, of receiving their bill and placing it to one side until nearer the termination date. Big Mistake! In doing so, you will in fact automatically lock yourself in to your supplier’s higher rate, when in fact seeking out competitors best rates is what you should have done.

This is where U-GET can help and advise. We find out your renewal/termination dates and act on them at the appropriate time preventing you from automatically rolling onto that higher tariff. We then search the market, using the various suppliers that we independently work with. You then have the option to select the best supplier/rates and we will get the contract sent out to you for completion. It couldn’t be simpler and it allows you to focus on what you do best.

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