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I love spending money on my Energy Bills!

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Oh yes, you’ll be surprised with the number of businesses that have this mindset. Whether it is due to:

  • Lack of time
  • Complexity
  • laziness
  • Cost
  • or even naivety

There always seems to be an excuse!

In all honesty, no business wants to spend more than they need to on a product, service or overhead.

Whilst contacting business owners, be it in person or via the telephone, I am dumb-founded by those that when asked if my service maybe of benefit to them, simply reply “No, we wouldn’t be interested”!

If I ask them whether they have someone that already reviews their bills, the answer, invariably, is a resounding NO. Again, they state that “It doesn’t interest us”.

This type of response leads me to think, ‘do you not like saving money’?

How about those accountancy firms I’ve approached. Believing that by offering my services to them, for the benefit of their clients (in particular, the new business start-ups and existing small businesses), would be an ideal partnership. I could act as a ‘preferred supplier’ if you like. I am always happy to meet and speak with a client, in fact it is something I would recommend in such circumstances, as it builds that relationship and trust.

However, I do find it remarkable how so many ‘gatekeepers’ have the power and knowledge to dismiss such opportunities! No wonder we are more ‘Broken Britain’ than ‘Booming Britain’.

I’m aware that so many people in business are ‘ extremely busy’, but please, take the time to consider what value can be added to your business. Secondly, please do make sure that the relevant decision-maker actually does make the company decisions, for the good of your business and your clients.

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