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Just another sales call?

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

We all turn our noses up when we get that cold-call from a sales rep trying their damndest to sell us their product/service. At the end of the day, they are simply carving out a career and a living to-boot.

Most businesses need sales, to enhance their own service and/or product, so why do we all dismiss their approach. Could we not afford them the courteousy to at least listen to what they are offering? Not all sales calls are for a product you’ll never use. You just never know, if that call which you put the phone down on, could in fact have lost you a great opportunity or even savings.

I mentioned that most businesses require sales. Think about it for a second! A local high street shop sells a brand new, great product. They can self-promote it – which will cost them. How about customers referring and recommending it to their friends. This is networking, or ‘sales’ if you like. Without it, you wouldn’t be gaining new customers, getting that extra income.

So as you see, sales is needed by all businesses. Returning to the cold-call sales, by hanging-up on these people, could you have just lost a lot of money? Yes, it’s fair to say that certain sales calls want to sell you something that you have, or will never have a need for. Others will want to sell you a better service or product than your existing one, whilst some will want you to use their service and not even charge you for it!

My business (U-GET), fits into this last category, however, to the potential client all they hear is ‘sales’. What does he want me to buy from him? How much will it cost me? I get so many of these calls a week and they’re all the same.


If they took the time to listen with an openmind, they would realise that potentially, I could save them £££’s and that to investigate this I wouldn’t charge them a penny. On top of this, it’s a no-obligation service, so even by presenting them with our findings, they do not have to proceed with it.

So I ask you, can I therefore be classed as a sales person, when in fact my client won’t be charged?

How can I stand out from the ‘typically percieved’ sales person.

  • I’m not costing you a penny
  • I am saving you valuable time
  • I’m auditing your energy bills to understand your current situation (which many have no idea about)
  • I am then attaining new rates and hopefully, savings.

All-in-all, surely it’s a ‘Win-Win’ scenario.

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